Why We Use The MBTI Test In Our Training Program

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI test) has steadily grown in popularity over the recent years; it it also currently one of our best employee evaluation and training tools. But how can it help improve your employee performance?

Developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, the MBTI test is an introspective questionnaire that’s designed to indicate basic psychological preferences as to how people perceive the world, solve problems, and make judgments or decisions. It comprises a set of 16 personality types as delineated by C. G. Jung.

You use the MBTI test to gauge your staff members’ individual working, information processing, and problem-solving style, and to determine whether or not they are placed in positions that will maximize their capabilities to their own and the organization’s advantage. The test can also be used as an aid in building and restructuring your workflow process, departments, and teams.

Using this test, we can assess an employee’s:

• Decision-making skills
• Organizational skills
• Ability to process work-related problems
• Individual and team-related problem-solving methods
• Method for generating and applying ideas
• Capacity for getting work done
• Preferred workflow style
• Method of interaction with co-workers and clients
• Appropriate type of work
• Ability to maintain a healthy long-term working relationship with their colleagues
• Capacity for working independently and within a team
• Capacity for leadership roles

When onboarding a new hire, you can use this test to help you leverage their natural talent, and determine how you both can adapt well to each other’s professional personas.


Most importantly, this test can be used to be used for training, coaching, and professional development programs so you can help your employees assess their present work strengths and develop their weaker points. In scenarios that call for displacement, it can serve as a reference for career counseling and coaching to help your ex-employee locate and land an upcoming position that will benefit both their career and your authority as a previous employer.

Ultimately, the MBTI test was designed for employers to give their workforce an opportunity to grow professionally and personally within the company.

However, what the MBTI test does NOT do – and what you shouldn’t do either – is to evaluate candidates for hiring. It is not a tool for predicting behavior, skillsets, abilities, performance, cultural fit, or any other criteria in future staff. There is no single personality type that will fit your company perfectly, but there is a range of types that are likely to be suited to corresponding tasks and objectives within your organization.

This is not a recruitment and selection instrument. Rather, it is a developmental tool for your current employees.

Also, there is only one official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test that’s meant for professional use. The other free ‘MBTI’ tests that you can find online aren’t as extensive, and will not give you adequate and well-rounded results to work with. The comprehensive MBTI test that we will provide you with can grant you in-depth personality analyses and corresponding training strategies that are unique to your individual staff members; no free online tests can give you that.

For professional-level MBTI testing, evaluation, and insights, contact us now. We’ll be happy to discuss the right assessment method to help you increase and improve your staff productivity.