How To Choose a Good Executive Coach


Hiring a great executive coach may be the best thing to help propel your career forward, especially when you’re in a leadership position. But how do you choose a competent coach who fits your needs?

There are no hard-and-fast rules when picking an executive coach, because it’s both a professional and personal choice. The kind of coach you select depends on your needs as an individual and as a working member of your organization, and it also depends on your type of field as well as your short- and long-term goals.
While there are no set criteria for choosing a coach, you can refer to a set of guidelines for your selection process.


Talk to your prospective coach for at least 15 minutes. After that, evaluate how you feel about them: do they make you feel at ease? Is your guard up? Do you feel like they are the sort of person that you can trust, especially as a mentor? Be honest about what you instinctively feel; if they don’t feel quite right for any reason at all, you won’t be fully receptive to their mentorship.


Pay attention to how you connect with the coach. Do you find it easy to open up to them about your concerns and intentions? How well do they understand you without you having to repeat or rephrase yourself more than twice? Do your personalities and work ethic jive from the get-go? A strong sense of compatibility will help make your coaching sessions go more smoothly, especially since it’ll be a challenging personal journey for you.


Direction & Experience

Check the coach’s track record and credentials. Have they successfully achieved what you also want to accomplish later on? How about their previous partners and clients – what are their testimonials? Does the coach have a concrete indicator of success in the same field as yours, for instance, their own business that has been operating and growing steadily for a number of years? Concrete proof of achievements is important, because your executive coach is not a life coach who works with abstract philosophies instead of tangible and measurable results.

Thought Leadership

Take time to peruse the coach’s professional background, off- and online. Their website, social media accounts, published works, and other media that depict their work philosophy should give you enough insight as to how much of an authority they are in their field. One good sign is that if, after looking into their work, you are highly motivated to work with them without second-guessing yourself.


Unlike with personality, your coach’s character is more significant and cannot be faked. This is about their core values such as reliability, decency, how to handle yourself during critical and challenging periods, how to accept triumph graciously, and so on. Your coach’s personal values should greatly match and complement yours, because these will lay the foundation for how you handle yourself both in your professional and personal affairs.

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