Process Improvement: When Do You Need It?

By September 30, 2016Featured
Process Improvement: When Do You Need It?

As a company grows, so does its systems. And with its expansion, it may require process improvement.

When a company’s rules and regulations increase, it soon accommodates subsets of new rules to prevent confusion. The company may also invest in new management systems. Or it may go the other way, drastically cutting off key tasks in operations to simplify matters. Unfortunately, sudden and stringent measures could compromise productivity.

So when does your company need professional process improvement assistance?

There are organizations that need to apply significant changes to their operations, yet don’t. It’s either lack of awareness or willingness on higher management’s part. In some cases, it’s for a more pragmatic reason, such as a tight budget.

If you’re not sure whether or not your company needs professional assistance with process improvement, check the following that apply:

1. Does the number of project management tools and software that you use exceed the number of project teams in your organization?

2. Are you hiring more and more new staff to address persistent issues in your company?

3. Does your company constantly experience difficulty meeting deadlines and deliverables?

4. Do staff performance reports constantly fail to measure up to company output standards?

5. Does the implementation of new applications and services regularly cause conflict with established operational methods?

6. Do your clients complain that your actual output fails to match your initial projections and promised outcomes?

7. Does your organization experience communication and delivery issues with most of your suppliers?

8. Does your company experience frequent staff turnover, especially in the supervisory and managerial departments?

9. Do most of your highly productive employees leave within a year of being hired?

10. Has your company been struggling with the same operational difficulties for over a year?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then your business may need expert help with process improvement.

At first, it may be tempting to resort to internal quick fixes or drastic measures. However, a professional and objective perspective will help identify, analyze, and streamline core operational issues so you can implement long-term solutions. These solutions won’t only increase your overall efficiency; they’ll also deliver better results that can be measured with current technology.

How well did your company score?

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