4 Leadership Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Mistakes are a part of life, both personal and professional. A lot of them can’t be helped, and most of them can be charged to experience.

In order to grow as a leader, you have to make mistakes. These mistakes are either because you don’t know any better or because you have to keep making them in order to learn how to do things well.

However, there are mistakes that can really cost you. Lack of experience won’t be a good enough excuse once you make them. You might even end up sabotaging your career because of these.

It’s best to look out for these pitfalls that can jeopardize your future. Don’t count on yourself to know better, and always check yourself once you start believing that you do.


Mistake #1: Thinking that you have to know everything in order to succeed

Obviously, expertise is required in order to become a leader. However, you might end up asserting your skills and knowledge so much that you become a micromanager. The need to know everything your team is doing and how they are going about their tasks is not the way to lead.

Micromanaging will ruin your career. Trying to nitpick on all the little details of every job will not help you advance. You have a team that also has their own unique skill sets; you have no business hovering above them as they try to work.

Don’t try to do everything. Get out of your team’s way and let them grow. The key is creating a culture of collaboration that will bring out the best in everyone, including you. This is how you succeed.

Mistake #2: Chasing a title and not getting ready for a role

Everyone wants to go up the corporate ladder. However, average people only go after titles since they only want to elevate their status, as opposed to actually becoming an effective leader.

If you blindly chase a title and not prepare yourself for the work it requires, you can end up sabotaging your career. Focusing too much on your title will not get you far; it’s your skills and expertise that will.

Before you aim for a particular position or title, make sure you’ll actually be up for consideration. How? By honing your skills and working harder than everyone else.

Mistake #3: Constantly looking for new opportunities

Being a highly motivated individual can sometimes have its pitfalls. You’re always looking for new developments and craving the latest innovations.

You might not notice that you’re slowly derailing your career. In your pursuit to seek something greater than what you have or where you are now, you could end up wasting your potential.

Always looking for something new can end up being a waste of energy. It’s not about going for new opportunities. It’s all about finding the right opportunities.

Mistake #4: Being too confident in your leadership skills

Of course, when you become a leader, it doesn’t end with your skills and expertise. You’re now expected to steer your team towards the right direction, and it takes an entirely different set of skills to do it.

Being the best at what you do won’t guarantee that you’ll get to keep your role. You also have to keep honing your skills. Your capacity to lead will not develop unless you nurture it.

Making sure you take the time to sharpen your skills will do you good. Investing in a leadership coach can also help you. You can get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how to fill the gaps in your skills, and you can become more confident as a leader.