Readmission Mission – Penalties Incurring by Majority Hospitals Nationwide while Patients Still being Readmitted

By August 6, 2016News & Events

Readmission penalties based on timelines of data that span years before the fiscal year it goes in effect have been affecting Medicare reimbursements for hospitals nationwide. According to CMS nearly 3,000 hospitals have been penalized and with the penalty percentage being at 3% and with addition of CABG condition in FY 2017 penalties will only increase.

The public reporting of all hospital’s rates and penalties make transparent to all the quality of care provided by facilities. Patients suffering from constant visits can be helped with the proper strategies. Momentum’s Healthcare Consultants have dedicated a whole department in their efforts to keep facilities on top in their ratings and their patient management. Readmissions still a challenge to facilities with data constantly being published on readmission populations and the penalties incurring by majority of the hospitals in the US. According to Kaiser Health in FY 2015 over $420 M have gone to these penalties.

Healthcare Legislative reform will drive the force of creation in the right hands. The ability to create new healthcare models that will not only fulfill the requirements of the new mandates but allow facilities to become leaders in providing exceptional care for patients.

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