Susan Mahioddin Joins Momentum Consulting Group’s Healthcare Clinical Consulting

Susan Mahioddin

Susan Mahioddin: Joins MCG’s Healthcare Clinical Consulting

Susan Mahioddin has joined our new division of Momentum Consulting Group, Healthcare Clinical Consulting. Beginning her experience with academia, then research and now clinical advising, she has brought incredible influence to each. The exposure to all of these different entities provides Susan with a clear understanding of how to bring sustainable change.

While attending one of the top Pre Medical programs in Texas, Austin College in Sherman, Susan delved in her two passions, study of people with Sociology and studying Biology with other science fundamentals. After graduating with her Bachelors, she was intrigued with the study of the human mind and the patient population it will serve. She continued her studies with Neuroscience at the University of Texas. Shortly after, she was presented with an opportunity to utilize all her knowledge acquired in her studies and exposure in the field to bring forth clinical advising for readmission populations. She tapped into her research background to truly understand the readmission populations to create efficient solutions.

Susan’s purpose has never changed she always strives to bring forth success in innovation to patients. She understands the need for not just the creation of new models of care but to bring hope back in healing our sick. Susan continues her success with Momentum bringing forth her dedication and drive to serve patients that need it most.