Momentum Consulting Group® was founded on the principle that, with the proper foundation and appropriate allocation of resources, an organization can execute their vision and achieve market dominance.

The Momentum Consulting Group

team is comprised of highly experienced business professionals from many different business disciplines, making available to your organization nearly 157 years’ worth of expertise and knowledge in the healthcare, legal, private, commercial, public and federal sales sectors, as well as nonprofit entities. In addition to vertical market expertise;


Momentum has extensive core competencies in sales optimization, training & development, sustainability, process improvement, operations and supply chain management. Momentum consultant’s have a proven track record of success working in companies of all sizes and complexities, delivering results for these corporations of over $7B in sales worldwide. Momentum Consulting today reaches clients on 5 continents in 22 countries.

Momentum’s success in transforming businesses to achieve unprecedented revenue growth stems from a keen understanding that implementing an effective sales strategy goes well beyond the sales force.

Successful organizations must ensure alignment between vision, goals and strategy, resulting in an effective and deliverable value proposition. Momentum’s holistic approach will develop, design and deliver program alignment throughout all functional areas of your organization, including: marketing, e-commerce, training, distribution and customer service. This will unlock your ability to maximize your company’s market opportunity.